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We often think of automobile fuel as simple gasoline that you can pump from any gas station, but there are alternative fuel sources for automobiles other than gasoline. Technology and research have found that you can power an automobile with all kinds of different fuel sources as an alternative to gasoline. And these alternative fuel sources are great for the environment as well.

For example, electric cars have been around for centuries. Itís true! In the 1900ís, there were more electric cars on the road than gasoline powered ones. With gas companies developing new and cheaper ways to produce gasoline, however, the gas powered automobiles soon became the main mode of transportation for people.

Then we had a gas shortage in the 1970ís and that prompted researchers to look for an alternative fuel source to power our automobiles. Right now, in modern day America, gas prices have risen dramatically to the point where it is almost difficult for people to travel because it costs so much to fill up their cars.

Luckily, technology is such that we not only have alternative fuel sources, but we also have alternative fuel automobiles as well. These automobiles run on fuels such as propane, hydrogen, ethanol, and even vegetable oil! They cause little to no harm to the environment because they have very few to no emissions at all so no harmful chemicals are released into the air.

As technology progresses and more ways are found to produce cheaply, we think that the automobile industry itself will wholeheartedly embrace alternative fuel sources and begin producing more and more vehicles to meet customer needs and wants.

Right now, there are some great hybrid vehicles that are available for sale. These automobiles can run on alternative fuel or use gasoline as their main source of power. While not completely ďgreenĒ, they are a step in the right direction when it comes to making our world a cleaner place and helping to save the environment.

Alternative fuel sources for our automobiles are being developed and perfected every day as companies along with the United States Government strive to help our world as well as our pocketbooks. The development of alternative fuel sources in the automobile industry will continue to be honed to perfection and we could very well be seeing cost less than gasoline. That would be a welcome relief, donít you think?

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